September 1, 2013

The Book of Me, Written by You: Prompt ONE

Taken about 11 years ago, illustrating two of the items on my list below.

I've joined the group The Book of Me, Written by You through the Angler's Rest blog, written by Julie Goucher who participates in Sepia Saturday. To find out about this genealogical journey click the image at the foot of this post.

The first prompt is a self-examination. You are to ask yourself the question, "Who Am I?" not once, but TWENTY times.

I missed out on "introvert", but actually, I think that should just be implied.

Here's what I came up with:

In no particular order, I am

A wife  (I've been married since 1994 to a man I met on a "telephone-date")
A child of God (I am a practicing Catholic, and have been all my life.)
A Poet  (I self-published  a book of poetry in 2010 called, "Shadowstalking")
A Cook/Baker (Visit my blog, "Dig in, Flynn!" to see my recipes!)
A Caregiver (My 84 year old mom lives with us.)
A Cat Lover ( Had four of them at one time, but we are down to two oldies now.)
A Soprano  (I sing every weekend in my church choir, and occasionally at funerals.)
A Soccer fan ( I watch the English Premier League with my husband and have a Fantasy Footy Team.)
An Anglophile  (Read mostly British authors, watch mainly British television, love British bands.)
A Photographer  (I own a Nikon digital camera and use it all the time!)
A Naturalist  (I love all animals - except stinging insects. Not a big fan of those.)
A Reader  (Mysteries are my favourite. Oh, and the Classics.)
An Innovator  (I'm kind of a closet McGuyver.)
A Gardener  ( Once I get started, I can't stop buying plants.)
An Organizer ( I'm a bit of an "A-type" personality. Okay, a lot of an "A-type" personality.)
A Thrifter  ( I haunt thrift stores/charity shops regularly, and my husband is right there with me.)
A Family Archivist  ( I can spend a good number of hours wading through data on websites, seeking information on the family trees from both of our sides.  I've been known to scroll through pages and pages of Danish Church books just to find that name!)
A Movie watcher (I used to be able to list every Oscar-winner from 1940 up to 1994. Then came Menopause.)
A Decorator  ( I move furniture and artwork around a lot.)
A Serial Blogger ... I've had probably 10 blogs since 2007.  I'm down to four. Two are regular.

A toast lover (I don't think I go a day without it. If I do, I get very cranky.)
A coffee drinker (I like tea too, but nothing beats coffee as an eye-opener.)
A cleaner ( I don't like dirt, or sticky surfaces, or scum, or grime. Not obsessive, but I do have these whirlwind moments.)
A declutterer (I clean out my home of unused clothing and items on a seasonal basis.)
A Facebooker ( It's my favourite online spot. I'm not a big "Tweeter".)


  1. Ooh - a toast lover. I'm a toast lover. I wish a was a de-clutterer.

  2. OOOh yes, Toast with Marmite or vegemite!

  3. Very nice fleshing out. Now I want more - a telephone date?

    1. It was actually a telephone-dating service. I signed up with the service and listened to a load of recordings. Kevin's message got me straight away.

      Actually, this post (#2) will tell you the whole story.

    2. I have no idea what just happened there!

  4. Yes, the telephone date story please. Kat, I have to tell you that although I'm reading this OK on the Mac, when I use the iPad, the white lettering on black background is really hard to read, especially when a cursive script is used. Sorry, but I thought you'd like feedback :)

    1. Hi Nell, if you check above in respnse to Kristin, you'll see a link to a post on my other blog that will explain the telephone date.

      I use an iPad too, and I just pinch the screen and enlarge the font. Even against the dark background, it is very clear and readable.

    2. Must be my eyes then - optician's appointment coming up!

  5. i meant to say, I like the photo - it would make a great header.

  6. Thanks, it's pretty out of date now though.

  7. Hi, Kat -- I identify with you in more than one way and especially as introvert and thrifter. It's fun to learn a little more about you.