October 17, 2013

Known and Unknown Grandparents: The Book of Me ... Prompt #SEVEN

What I remember:

My grandmother loved to bake—
cakes, donuts, pies
(I have her recipe for rolls.)

She wasn't fond of cats,
and her cane was used a few times
to shoo them away.

Her hearing-aid made a piercing
sound that made you plug your own ears.

She was round and soft,
and always well turned out,
with a nice hat,
or a costume-pin.

She liked to sing,
"Sally Go Round the Sun",
and "Peace is Flowing, Like a River".

She could be stern,
but loving too.

She and my dad had it out,
on occasion,
but his Irish charm always
saved the day.

She had lovely fluffy silver hair,
and a few on her chin, I noticed
were there.

I didn't see her often enough,
as a kid, but I did get closer to her,
in time, before she died.

Kat Mortensen©2013

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He was in my life only for a spell;
Still, the scent of his tobacco, I remember well.

He bought me ice-cream, with a wooden spoon
I loved him lots, but he died too soon.

Kat Mortensen©2013

and my mother's father here:

What was he reading?

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My Granny, Cissie (Mary Ann) Polland, whom I never met, was a fantastic knitter and sent baby clothes from Ireland.

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  1. This is lovely. So touching to read about your family.


  2. Thanks so much for visiting, Sue.

  3. Icecream with a wooden spoon....I remember that!

  4. I love how you've told this story -very evocative.