October 30, 2013

Time Capsule: The Book of Me: Prompt #EIGHT

I am behind almost two weeks!

Initially, I struggled with this.  Maybe it's because I have no children, and I'm the last of my father's line.  My husband is the last male in his father's line.  I won't be leaving anything behind for anyone who knows me.

I believe in an afterlife that is better than this one, and so I look to that, rather than wonder what will remain.

Although I take some photos of my surroundings, I very rarely take photos of people.  My sister-in-law takes care of that.  I've seen my parents build up albums of pictures that just sat in their plastic sheets for years, or worse lay around in those paper folders that the camera shops would give you.

We have both, old negatives and even some ancient slides (no projector) that are in boxes, gathering dust.  They are kind of a time-capsule in themselves.

If pressed, I would want to salvage something that reflects who we were.

In a time capsule, I might put,

  • a recipe for a favourite dish that I created:  Acadian Chowder with cornmeal dumplings
  • a cd that we both love - the first one we listened to together: The Waterboys: "Dream Harder"

  • a photo of all of our cats when they were alive

  • a picture of the house where we used to live (the Hyggehus)

  •  my poetry book, "Shadowstalking"

  • one of my favourite books:  
  • a dvd of "Withnail and I" (my favourite comedy)
  • a dvd of "Young Frankenstein" (Kevin's favourite comedy)
  • a picture of my mom and dad, and one of Kevin's parents

  • one of my favourite stoneware mugs
  • an empty bottle each of Danish Aqvavit, and Bushmill's whisky (not that we are drinkers, but they sympolize family celebrations)
  • my rosary beads
  • a copy of G.K. Chesterton's poem, "The Donkey"
  • my choir hymnal with all my favourites marked
  • lip balm (since I cannot live without it)
  • a bar of dark chocolate (as above)
  • a pouch of fair-trade organic coffee (my husband makes this every morning)
  • some of my best photos: 
  • a hat, because I love hats
    Goofy photo.

  • the silver bracelet that I received when Kevin's grandmother died
  • the "Danish spoons"
  • the skeleton key to the doors of the Hyggehus
  • a photo of my Echo hatchback and one of our Kawasaki motorcycle (both long gone)
  • my favourite photo of Kevin and Me: 
  • a recording of our voices  (I guess I've gotten into this Time Capsule thing a whole lot more than I expected.) I think my time capsule will end up being more like a Streamline Trailer, just parked somewhere nearby in the woods.
Well, I AM all about the retro-stuff, so this is appropriate.


  1. You DID get into composing a time capsule, Kat. And what a great collection of items you've accumulated, too. It was hard for me to think about (wanting to make) a time capsule, too. It's just too much in the future for me, so I took mine back to my ancestors compiling time capsules. Sort of a wishful post, really. I love the photo of you and your husband. What a sweet couple. Your Hyggehus is beautiful. Where was it located and how did it get its name? Did you live there long?

  2. It took a while, but I did get into it once I started. Thanks for commenting, Nancy.

    Our Hyggehus was in an urban area of the Southern Ontario city where we used to live. We now live in a small town not too far away. It was called the Hyggehus from a word we made up of two Danish words: hygge (hoo-guh) - a word that loosely translated means, cozy, and "hus", which means house. We had many cozy times in that house with lots of good food, friends, family and music. I miss that because my house now is brand new and not quite as cozy, but we are working to make it more so. We lived in the Hyggehus for nearly 10 years.